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Prayer from Genesis 4:1-16

Here are some ways to pray using this passage. It’s most helpful to keep your Bible open to the passage and read the verses as you pray through them.

Verses 1-2:

  • Thank You for the gift of children
  • Increase Your fruit of humility in my heart
  • Remind me of my need of You in my life
  • Reveal to me areas where I am not dependent on You
  • Thank You for creating so many different ways to work and provide
  • Thank You for variety of food- plants and animals

Verses 3-5:

  • Thank You for letting the ground still yield it’s fruit to us
  • Thank You that You accepted Christ’s offering on our behalf
  • Thank You for letting us serve and give to You
  • Show me where I am not giving You my first and best
  • Forgive me for the greed in my heart that wants to keep what’s best for myself
  • Give me wisdom to consider my heart and possible sin when my emotions are negative
  • Deliver me from my sin and from depression and anger

Verses 6-7:

  • Open my eyes and heart to hear Your truth when You speak through Your Word
  • Thank You for Your grace and mercy as You deal with my sin
  • Protect me from temptation to sin
  • Give me wisdom and strength to not submit to sin
  • Thank You for accepting me through Christ, so that I don’t have to work for my salvation
  • Convince my heart that sin is bad for me and will destroy me

Verses 8-9:

  • Convict my heart when I’m planning to sin and enable me to turn from it
  • Fill my heart with love toward those around me, not hate
  • Quench the spirit of jealousy that can live in my thoughts and emotions
  • Protect me from sin’s mastery over me
  • Thank You that I can live free from sin because of Jesus
  • Thank You that You know my every sin and love me anyway
  • Grow my heart in love for You, not anger, when You confront me

Verses 10-12:

  • Thank You for Your justice and fairness
  • Thank You that You are involved in Your creation
  • Praise You for seeing everything that happens
  • Thank You that You care about human life
  • Show me how to better care for the special nature of human life
  • Soften my heart to my own sin

Verses 13-16:

  • Thank You for taking on the punishment for my sins that is more than I can bear
  • Keep me in close relationship with You
  • Soften my heart so that Your discipline and punishment cause repentance
  • Thank You for Your undeserved mercy, patience and love when I sin

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