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Praying 2 Timothy 1:3-7

Here are some things for you to pray based on this text of Scripture:

Verse 3:

  • Lord, thank You for the godly people who have spiritually invested in me
  • Make me more thankful and aware of Your good gifts in my life
  • Thank You for the privilege of serving You for Your glory
  • Make me more of a humble hearted servant
  • Thank You that Your truth and the gospel have existed since the beginning
  • Thank You that I can have a clear conscience through Christ in the gospel
  • Bring to mind people I need to lift up in prayer
  • Make me more constant in prayer

Verse 4:

  • Thank You for the joy of the fellowship with other believers
  • Thank You for the unity You bring among the church

Verse 5:

  • Thank You for the testimony of those with a sincere, real faith
  • Thank You for godly family members who have passed on a legacy of faith
  • Thank You for the faith that dwells in me
  • Deepen my personal walk with you
  • Convict our children of their sins so they will turn to You and be saved
  • Thank You that the gospel is so good it’s contagious

Verse 6-7:

  • Thank You that salvation is a gift, not something I have to earn
  • Show me how to fan into flame Your gift in my life
  • Thank You for the Holy Spirit who lives in me
  • Thank You for being the source of power, love and self-control
  • Enable me to rest on Your power through prayer and faith
  • Increase my love for those around me
  • Give me more self-control
  • Keep me from anger and impatience

1 thought on “Praying 2 Timothy 1:3-7”

  1. Beautiful and such encouraging and practical truth to apply to our time with the Lord!

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