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Prayer from Genesis 4:17-26

Here are some prompts to help as you pray through this passage. I suggest reading through the whole passage first to understand the context, then re-reading each verse as you pray through the suggestions.

Verses 17-18:

  • Thank You for marriage and the blessing of being a part of having children
  • Encourage the many believers who patiently long for a spouse or child
  • Thank You for the ability to build and create
  • Humble me so that I give You glory for my achievements and don’t steal it for myself
  • Grant me wisdom to invest in my children for Your glory

Verses 19-22:

  • Thank You for Your plan of marriage being between one man and one woman
  • Forgive me for often thinking that my plans are better than Yours
  • Give me the faith I need to submit my plans to You
  • Thank You for the common grace You pour out to the world
  • Thank You for gifting some to take care of livestock and the blessing of milk and meat
  • Thank You for the blessing of shelter from the elements
  • Thank You for those skilled in music and playing instruments
  • Thank You for the blessing of music and how it brings joy and encouragment
  • Give me discernment so that I only listen to music that is good for my soul
  • Thank You for the gifts of technology and advancement

Verses 23-24:

  • Enable men to be godly, servant leaders of their homes
  • Reveal and resolve abusive spousal situations
  • Make me humble and more dependent on You
  • Convict me of sinful anger in my heart
  • Give me courage to stand up for those weaker than I
  • Convict me for times I take advantage of others because of my own pride or greed
  • Drive vengeful thoughts from my mind and heart
  • Enable me to forgive those who sin against me “seventy-seven times”
  • Remind me of the way You forgive me as I strive to forgive others

Verses 25-26:

  • Thank You for Your patience with my journey of sanctification
  • Thank You for restoring things that have been lost because of sin
  • Thank You for appointing my children to me
  • Thank You for choosing and loving me as Your child
  • Thank You for the legacy Seth’s family left as worshippers of You
  • Thank You that anyone who calls on Your name will be saved
  • Thank You that You are not biased toward anyone
  • Thank You for hearing my prayers because of Jesus

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