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Prayer from Philippians 3:7-11

Verse 7-8:

  • Thank You for the gain of knowing Christ
  • Help me to hold all worldly gain I have with an open hand
  • Show me new ways to use my worldly gain for Your sake/glory
  • Reveal my true priorities
  • Lead me to make You my top priority
  • Show me more daily of how worthy You are
  • Make me know You better daily
  • Prompt me to think on how You are better than everything else
  • Make me faithful in Bible study and prayer so that I will know You better
  • Make me willing to lose everything to know You
  • Give me Paul’s perspective that everything is trash compared to knowing You
  • Thank You for freely giving me through Your salvation the most valuable thing in the world

Verse 9:

  • Thank You that as a believer I am found IN You
  • Thank You that I don’t have to work for my righteousness
  • Thank You that You have given me the righteousness of Christ
  • Thank You that I don’t have to follow the Old Testament law
  • Reveal where I am trying to gain righteousness by works instead of faith
  • Increase my faith and dependence on You

Verse 10-11:

  • Make me know Jesus better
  • Remind me of the power of Jesus’ resurrection
  • Thank You that Your power works in me for my sanctification
  • Thank You that one day I will be resurrected with a new body
  • Thank You that I don’t have to fear death
  • Make me willing to joyfully share in Your sufferings
  • Draw me closer to You through my sufferings
  • Make me a light to the lost I’m around through the joy I have in suffering
  • Make me faithful to pray for those around the world that are suffering for Your Name
  • Encourage the believers around the world who are suffering
  • Make the gospel and the church flourish in areas of Christian persecution
  • Bring the people who are persecuting Your church to salvation through faith
  • Stop my mouth from complaining
  • Increase the ways I am dying to myself and living for You

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