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Prayer from Luke 19:41-44

Here are prayer prompts for the week from the sermon’s passage.

Verse 41:

  • Give me good, close relationships with lost people around me
  • Give me a burden for the lost
  • Help me understand Your mission and become a part of its advance
  • Thank You for being a compassionate God; make me more compassionate

Verse 42:

  • Grant me wisdom and discernment to see spiritual things the way You do
  • Open my eyes to Your truth
  • Thank You for Your mercy to me and open my eyes to see more of how You’re merciful

Verse 43-44:

  • Protect me and the global church from our enemies
  • Save my children and make them warriors for the kingdom of God

2 thoughts on “Prayer from Luke 19:41-44”

  1. What are we going to do without your meditations each week. They are very good and will be missed.

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