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Prayer from Ecclesiastes 9:7-10

Here are things to pray about from this passage from Sunday’s sermon.

Verse 7:

  • Give me wisdom to make my life count
  • Thank You for the food You give me to eat
  • Increase the joy that results from Your provision and goodness
  • Thank You for the approval and righteousness You grant me
  • Convict me of the ways I waste my days by worrying, complaining and being afraid
  • Give me focus so that I don’t waste a meal

Verses 8-9:

  • Purify my motives, thoughts and actions
  • Enable me to enjoy the life, spouse, and family You have graciously given me
  • Thank You for my spouse and family
  • Make me content and thankful for the portion You have assigned me
  • Show me how to not waste my leisure and luxury
  • Prevent me from wasting my marriage through sin, selfishness and stubbornness
  • Show me what sin, selfishness and stubbornness I need to repent of

Verse 10:

  • Give me strength and ability to work with all my might on all You give me to do
  • Use up my full abilities for Your glory while I am here on earth
  • Give me eternal perspective on how I invest my time this week
  • Keep me from wasting the opportunities You give me this week to share You with others

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