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Prayer from Ecclesiastes 8:10-15

Here are some things to pray about from today’s sermon passage.

Verse 10:

  • Show me how to not panic in stressful situations
  • Draw sinners to Yourself for salvation
  • Help me to come to worship in a way that glorifies You
  • Give me discernment with people
  • Show me how to live for Your praise and not the praise of others

Verse 11:

  • Thank You for giving me a new heart at salvation
  • Bring more timely justice to our nation and world
  • Help me to have faith and not doubt
  • Help me to see the severity of my sin and repent of it
  • Save my children and give me the energy and perseverance to train them to repent of sin quickly

Verses 12-13:

  • Increase my trust in You
  • Increase my fear of You
  • Make me a person of integrity who does what is right
  • Bring the wicked to repentance

Verses 14-15:

  • Help me to remember grace
  • Give me proper perspective when things don’t seem fair
  • Give me joy in my relationship with You
  • Help me to find contentment in small things
  • Develop in me a spirit of gratitude
  • Thank You for all I eat and drink

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