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Prayer from Ecclesiastes 7:13-18

Here are ways to pray through this week’s sermon passage.

Verse 13:

  • Reveal to me Your work in the world
  • Thank You that You are in control of all that happens

Verse 14:

  • Make me joyful when You give me blessings and prosperity
  • Satisfy me with what You have blessed me with
  • Enable me to consider You and draw near to You in times of adversity
  • Help me to trust Your sovereignty during good and bad times

Verse 15:

  • Show me how to invest my short life for Your glory
  • Thank You for Jesus and that through His death on the cross I gain His righteousness

Verses 16-18:

  • Make me humble and meek
  • Fill my life with good deeds done by Your grace
  • Increase my fear, respect and honor of You
  • Protect me from the extremes of rejecting Your law and of living to earn things by following the law

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