Blog, Prayer Prompts

Ecclesiastes 6:1-9

Here are some ways to pray about today’s sermon through the week.

Verses 1-2:

  • Help me to understand the depth of my sin and repent of it
  • Convict me this week when I am discontent and tempted to complain
  • Thank You for the wealth, possessions and honor You have given me
  • Put in me the desires You want to fulfill (Psalm 37:4)
  • Make me content with what You have provided for me
  • Enable me to glorify You by enjoying the good gifts You give
  • Show me times this week when I can be more thankful
  • Thank You for the provision of salvation in Your Son
  • Thank You for Your grace and patience

Verses 3-6:

  • Make my soul satisfied in You
  • Show me how to invest my life in Your kingdom so that it’s not pointless

Verses 7-9:

  • Enable me to work hard this week on the tasks You have given me
  • Give me a bigger spiritual appetite for You, Your presence and Your Word
  • Make me wise
  • Draw those who wander to Your salvation

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