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Prayer from Ecclesiastes 5:1-7

Here are some ways to pray through the passage from last week’s sermon.

Verses 1-3:

  • Lord, help me guard my steps as I come to worship You
  • Show me how to prepare seriously for worship
  • Show me sins I need to confess before I gather this Sunday with the church
  • Open my ears and heart to listen to what You want to say this week through the preaching of Your Word
  • Make my prayers real and meaningful instead of just empty utterances
  • Show my heart the seriousness of my prayers, that they go to the throne room of heaven
  • Enable me to pray with fewer meaningful words

Verses 4-7:

  • Reveal where I have made or am making rash vows of worship to You
  • Help me to mean what I say and to follow through with my commitments
  • Show me where I say things to please others and look good instead of from a genuine heart
  • Reveal to me an area of my heart that needs change every time I meet with you in worship, both publicly and privately
  • Thank You for the grace You work in my life to enable that change
  • Help me to trust You to change my heart and not try to do it on my own
  • Thank You for Your patience with me
  • Increase my fear of You

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