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Prayer from Ecclesiastes 4:1-12

Here are some ways to pray through the passage from today’s sermon.

Verses 1-3:

  • Give comfort, peace and joy to those who are oppressed today
  • Take power away from those who oppress others
  • Show me how I can be an encouragement to someone who’s struggling this week
  • Give me hope through Jesus and Your promises especially of heaven

Verses 4-6:

  • Purify my motives for work and let them not be envy or power
  • Give me skill in my work so that I can glorify You in it
  • Grant me wisdom
  • Give my soul peace and quietness

Verses 7-8:

  • Give me satisfaction and contentment with what You have provided for me
  • Show me where my heart is greedy and change that in me
  • Enable me to set healthy boundaries in my work

Verses 9-12:

  • Equip me to actively pursue community with other beleivers
  • Give us productivity, perseverance, warmth and safety in community
  • Thank You for Christian brothers and sisters
  • Give us good reward and fruit for our labors
  • Show me who I can lift up this week
  • Put people around me to lift me up when things are difficult

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