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Prayer from Ecclesiastes 3:1-15

Here are some things to pray about from today’s sermon passage.

Verses 1-2:

  • Thank You that You are in control of everything and have good plans and perfect timing
  • Teach me to patiently submit to Your timing in everything
  • Thank You for setting boundaries for the world
  • Thank You for my birth and the birth of my kids
  • Give me perspective on death and give those dealing with death joy and peace
  • Use death to draw souls to Jesus
  • Give me joy in planting seeds of the gospel
  • Thank you for the metaphors of the gospel that farming gives

Verses 3-6:

  • Lord, keep me from anger this week
  • Heal those who are sick
  • Fill me with healing words and actions so that they overflow onto others
  • Thank You for healing me spiritually
  • Make me patient when You are humbling me
  • Build me up in Your likeness
  • Thank You for the release of weeping and mourning and the joy of laughter and dancing
  • Give me wisdom in how to glorify You with my possessions- when to keep them and when to get rid of them

Verses 7-8:

  • Give me wisdom in how I use my tongue, when and what to speak and when to keep silent
  • Increase my love for those around me
  • Help me see the fight against sin in my life as war
  • Bring me peace and make me a peacemaker

Verses 9-13:

  • Thank You for giving the unremarkable things of life
  • Praise You for making everything beautiful in its time
  • Thank You for putting eternity into our hearts
  • Give me confidence as I share the gospel, knowing that You have put eternity in every man’s heart
  • Thank You that Your ways and thoughts are higher than I can understand
  • Make me joyful and equip me to do good all the days of my life
  • Thank You for the gifts of eating and drinking and finding pleasure in my toil

Verses 14-15:

  • Praise You that Your works endure forever
  • Teach me to fear and honor Your name
  • Thank You for seeking me in my salvation when I was driven away
  • Thank You that You are outside of time and know the end and the beginning

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