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Prayer from Ecclesiastes 2:1-26

Here are some things to pray about from Pastor Clint’s sermon today.

Verses 1-3:

  • Teach me to see pleasure with Your perspective
  • Guide me with wisdom in how I should spend my time

Verses 4-6:

  • Enable me to work hard this week
  • Thank You for my house, for gardens and parks, and for the variety of trees You gave us for food
  • Thank You for clean, running water
  • Remind me that people are more important that my to do list

Verses 7-8:

  • Rescue and defend those around the world who are enslaved, both physically and spiritually
  • Thank You for the earthly possessions You’ve given me and make me content with what I have
  • Thank You for animals
  • Thank You for singing and songs and how encouraging they can be
  • Make me pure in heart and mind
  • Teach me to be more generous with my money and resources

Verses 9-11:

  • Make me more about Your fame than my own
  • Give me self control and wisdom
  • Give me joy and contentment in my work

Verses 12-17:

  • Thank You for being full of all wisdom and knowledge
  • Teach me perspective on how short my life is
  • Give me wisdom and guide my paths
  • Keep my mind busy with thoughts of You

Verses 18-26:

  • Please save my children and make them wise and strong followers of You
  • Teach me to hope in You and rescue me from the despair of this world
  • Grant me wisdom, knowledge, joy and purpose
  • Give me rest and peace while I sleep at night
  • Let me eat, drink and find enjoyment in my work for Your glory
  • Thank You for being a joyful God
  • Thank You for making me pleasing to You in Christ

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