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Prayer from Hebrews 4:11-16

Here are some things to pray about from the passage from Pastor Clint’s sermon.

Verse 11:

  • Help me commit to grow in grace
  • Enable me to work hard at rest this year
  • Show me my sin so I can repent
  • Protect me from falling by disobedience

Verses 12-13:

  • Thank You that Your Word is living and active, working and never returning void
  • Thank You that the Bible is piercing, able to cut through the hardest heart
  • Thank You that Your Word is discerning, seeing my heart and thoughts for what they really are
  • Humble me to see my true thoughts and intentions of heart through Your Word
  • Praise You that You are connected to and using Your Word

Verses 14-16:

  • Help me to hold fast to the faith
  • Praise You that You are the great high priest who intercedes for us
  • Praise You that You died and rose again to reconcile us to You
  • Praise You Jesus for being fully God and fully man
  • Thank You that You are compassionate, understanding our weaknesses and struggles
  • Praise You for being without any sin
  • Thank You for coming to earth as a man, humbling Yourself to experience humanity
  • Thank You for giving us hope
  • Strengthen my prayer life, giving me confidence, grace and mercy
  • Remind me in my time of need to approach You through prayer
  • Enable and motivate me to seek You with joy, hope and expectation

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