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Prayer from Revelation 5

Here are some ways to pray through Revelation 5:

Verses 1-5:

  • Praise You that You are on the throne, ruling for all eternity
  • Praise You that You wrote, planned, and knew the end of all things from the beginning
  • Thank You that You will make all things right at the end of time
  • Thank You that Jesus is worthy because of His fulfillment of prophecy, His victory, His sacrifice and His power

Verses 6-10:

  • Thank You for being the Lamb slain for our sins
  • Praise You for being all powerful and all knowing
  • Thank You for Your Spirit who is on earth with us
  • Praise You for hearing my prayers and caring about them
  • Thank You for ransoming me from my sins
  • Thank You for saving people from every race, language and nation
  • Thank You for making us a kingdom and priests
  • Thank You for letting us reign on the earth
  • Thank You for giving us hope

Verses 11-14:

  • Thank You for having a purpose for the end
  • Praise You for being worthy of power, wealth, wisdom, might, honor, glory and blessing
  • Forgive me when I give these things to another
  • Show me how to give You more of these things
  • Praise You for your rule over all heaven, earth, the sea and under the earth
  • Enable me to better worship You this week

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