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Prayer prompts from John 1:1-18

Here are some things to pray about from Pastor Clint’s sermon passage today:

Verses 1-2:

  • Thank You that when the world is chaotic, You center me
  • Praise You that You are eternal and created time

Verses 3-5:

  • Thank You for making everything
  • Praise You for Your creativity in creation
  • Thank You for making me
  • Praise You as the only life giver
  • Thank You that You shine in the darkness and are not overcome by it

Verses 6-8:

  • Thank You for godly people You’ve sent throughout history, like John the Baptist
  • Thank You for all in the world who bear witness about You
  • Show me the opportunities I have this week to bear witness about You- to family and friends

Verses 9-11:

  • Thank You that You came into the world, even knowing Your own would reject You
  • Thank You that You are the true light

Verses 12-14:

  • Thank You that if we receive You, we become Your children
  • Thank You for Your salvation
  • Thank You for becoming flesh and living with us
  • Thank You for Your miracles and fulfilling prophecy, allowing us to see Your glory
  • Thank You that You understand suffering and temptation

Verses 15-18:

  • Praise You for being full of grace and truth
  • Thank You for giving abundantly from Your fullness, grace upon grace
  • Thank You for making Yourself known to us

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