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Prayer from Matthew 1:1-17

Here are some ways to pray from the passage Pastor Clint preached through today.

Verse 1:

  • Thank You that Jesus is the new beginning, the final hope, coming King, and the true promise
  • Thank You that Jesus was both fully God and fully man so that He could be our Savior
  • Thank You that Jesus fulfilled all the Old Testament prophecies about the Messiah

Verses 2-6:

  • Thank You that You’re a friend of sinners, giving grace and mercy
  • Thank You that You care about people from every nation, ethnicity and language
  • Thank You that You use sinful people to fulfill Your purposes of redemption
  • Give me faith like Abraham, willing to sacrifice everything to obey Your commands
  • Grant me faith like Rahab, to risk my life for Your gospel
  • Make me faithful and loyal like Ruth, trusting in Your plan for my life
  • Make me a person after Your own heart, repentant like David was

Verses 7-11:

  • Give me wisdom, like Solomon
  • Make my kids godly and brave and give me grace and wisdom as I parent them
  • Thank You for good and godly leaders throughout history
  • Give our nation’s leaders wisdom, grace and guidance; draw them to know You if they don’t already

Verses 12-17:

  • Thank You for working all things for the good of those who love You
  • Praise You for being the God of hope when bad things happen
  • Make me obedient and humble like Joseph and Mary
  • Thank You that You care about every person and know my name
  • Make the generations of my family godly, following after You

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