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What’s the point?

Do you ever struggle with having your daily quiet time? You don’t have any motivation and it seems like nothing is happening. The Bible seems boring- like it’s repetitive or hard to understand or just a check box on your to-do list. When the struggle for a quiet time is real, I think it’s good to ask- why am I doing this? What’s the point?

So here’s the point- TO HAVE A RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD. That’s the reason to discipline myself to pray and read my Bible. If I really believe the gospel, that Jesus died on the cross and rose again to save me from my sins then He is awesome! He loves me and is the most powerful being on the planet. I mean, He can raise people from the dead! WHAT?!

If I told you that you could spend time every day with a person who has big time power and knowledge and that really really cares about you, you’d definitely sign up for that. And that’s who God is. But I think its’ sometimes hard to remember that because I can’t see Him. And sometimes I can’t feel Him, even though I know He’s there.

So when I’m struggling to set aside time to spend with Him, there are a few things that have been helpful to me:

I won’t always feel anything. Lots of days I don’t feel anything. My time spent with my family isn’t always because I feel like doing it either. But I do it because I know it’s best and I love them. And sometimes I will feel something in my time with God and that’s awesome. And sometimes I won’t, and that’s ok too.

Sometimes I need to add some variety. I go look for a new Bible study to do or change where I’m reading in the Bible. I change the way I’m praying. I pray through the Psalms. Sometimes I just am in too much of a rut and I need to change it to help me want to do it. I’ve realized it’s ok to stop a plan I’ve had if I need some refreshing. The point of my quiet time wasn’t ever finishing a plan. It was spending time with God.

It is worth it. It is worth spending time alone with God daily, because whether or not I can feel it or notice, it is changing me. The more I spend time with God, the closer we get. The better I can feel and discern His voice and Spirit. The more I see how worthy of praise and my attention He is. I want to be more holy and sin less. My mind is filled with godly things instead of my worries and small concerns.

And that’s the point. Not my list or checkboxes or satisfying my guilt. Getting to know God. He’s really cool and honestly the best person I could think of to spend time with. So why are you doing your quiet time? Let’s do it for the right reasons today.

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