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Prayer from Romans 14:19-23

Here are some things to pray for from Romans 14:19-23, the passage Pastor Clint preached through today.

Verse 19:

  • Help me pursue peace with everyone, even when I disagree with them
  • Make my words and thoughts about others encouraging instead of negative and critical
  • Show me who I can encourage today and remind me to do it

Verse 20-21:

  • Let me view food in a godly way, not indulging in gluttony or being too focused on it
  • Show me when I’m in danger of hurting other believers by what I eat, drink or do
  • Give me humility to be willing to give up my rights for the sake of other believers
  • Forgive where I have done anything that has made a brother or sister stumble

Verse 22:

  • Purify my motives for prayer, Bible study, etc: that I wouldn’t do things for others to see
  • Give me self control so that I won’t brag to others about my faith
  • Reveal what I should approve and what I shouldn’t so that my conscience is clean
  • Keep me from sin, instead fill me with faith

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