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Prayer from Romans 14:13-19

Below are some prompts to help you pray through the passage Pastor Clint preached through today.

Verses 13-14:

  • Reveal and forgive where I pass judgment on other believers
  • Make me servant-hearted, willing to give up my preferences so I don’t cause other believers to stumble
  • Reveal anything I need to change so that others believers aren’t hindered in their faith
  • Thank you that I don’t live under law, but under grace

Verses 15-16:

  • Help me to walk in love and protect fellow believers
  • Let me live above reproach, so that what I do won’t be seen as evil

Verse 17:

  • Help me to focus on what is important- righteousness, peace and joy in the Spirit
  • Convince me of my sinfulness
  • Fill me with gratitude for Jesus, and the righteousness and peace He brought my life at the cross
  • Fill me with peace and make me a peacemaker in my relationships
  • Give me joy in Christ, regardless of my circumstances

Verses 18-19:

  • Help me to serve You with my whole heart
  • Let me pursue peace
  • Show me who I can encourage today
  • Help me to focus on others and how to encourage those around me this week, instead of being focused on myself

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