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Prayer from Romans 14:1-12

Here are prayer prompts for this week from Pastor Clint’s sermon.

Verse 1:

  • Enable me to welcome those with different opinions than I have
  • Help me not quarrel over opinions

Verse 2:

  • Give me wisdom so that my opinions and beliefs are from Scripture and based on truth, not worldly trends

Verse 3:

  • Convict me when I despise and pass judgment on those You welcome
  • Help me be God centered in my opinions

Verse 4:

  • Let me trust You, the just judge and not make judgments of others when I shouldn’t
  • Make me gracious in my thoughts toward others

Verse 5:

  • Enable me to live without hypocrisy, living out my convictions and conscience

Verse 6:

  • Sanctify me to do everything to honor and glorify You, especially through thanksgiving

Verses 7-9:

  • Make my hope sure, knowing I’m yours in life and death

Verse 10:

  • Give me humility in my opinions and the way I express them

Verse 11:

  • Thank you that You are over all and one day everyone will bow to You and confess you as Lord
  • Save ___________ so they will bow and confess you as Lord now

Verse 12:

  • Sanctify me in every action, attitude and thought
  • Thank you I will have mercy in the judgment through Christ

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