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Prayer from Romans 13:11-14

Based on Pastor Clint’s sermon this week, here are some prompts for praying through this passage in Romans 13. The goal is to meditate on the passage and pray based on what it brings to mind. Let this make us more holy and closer to the heart and person of Christ.

From verse 11:

  • Wisdom to know the times I live in, to discern the culture
  • Make me spiritually alert to people around me
  • Enable me to bring them closer to Christ through my actions, attitudes and words
  • Wake me up to see any complacency in my life especially in walking with God and physical disciplines
  • Help me to focus my mind and heart on heaven and put my treasures there and not on earth

From verse 12:

  • Thank you that You are my hope and you never change; your promises are true
  • Use your Holy Spirit to show me any works of darkness I am pursuing
  • Cover me with your armor of light: truth, righteousness, the gospel of peace, faith, salvation, and the Word (Ephesians 6)

From verse 13:

  • Convict and forgive my impurity, lack of self control, being controlled by something besides your Sprit, quarreling, fighting, and jealousy
  • Let my hidden sins be discovered and brought into the light so they can be exposed and die

From verse 14:

  • Thank you that I can have a relationship with you through Jesus
  • Make me mindful of Jesus being my Lord: in full control of my life and every decision and moment
  • Help me have an attitude of sacrificing whatever to make no provision for my flesh and sinful desires: to be at war with my sin
  • Change my sinful desires into godly ones that you want to fulfill

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