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Prayer from Romans 13:8-10

One thing that has helped me to love the Lord with my mind is by praying Scripture. Donald Whitney has some excellent resources on the details and benefits of this and does a much better job than I would of explaining it. Praying Scripture helps me meditate and really think through the verses and how they might apply to my life. It also helps me to be more creative and focused in my prayer time. I think you’ll find the same to be true for you.

So here I just want to provide some prayer prompts I found out of this passage. I’m starting here because it’s the passage Pastor Clint preached from this week and I thought it might be helpful for us to meditate more on the sermon throughout the week. I am so thankful for a Pastor who consistently preaches the Bible in an expository way, looking at the text and explaining what it means.

These prompts will be mostly in order from the text. I would suggest starting by reading Romans 13:8-10. Then you can start praying whatever the Lord brings to mind and use these prompts if you get stuck. Or whatever works for you. The point is to pray and to meditate on the Bible. If you do that, even if you don’t read this whole post- success!

From verse 8:

  • Show me if I owe anyone anything and enable me to repay those debts if so

From verse 9:

  • For grace and patience to love all those around me (my neighbors)
  • Show me who I need to love better
  • Confess anyone I haven’t been loving well
  • Help me love through purity, patience, kindness, generosity, and seeking truth
  • Repent of lust, anger, irritation, stealing
  • Repent of jealousy over things, circumstances, gifts, talents of others
  • Repent of arrogance and self focus
  • Make me selfless, thinking of others first instead of myself

From verse 10:

  • Reveal where I’ve wronged any neighbor and help me make it right
  • Help me focus on the grace and love of the cross
  • Make me overflow with extravagant love for those around me


1 thought on “Prayer from Romans 13:8-10”

  1. Thank you. This encourages what I have been doing the last 4-5 months. Practicing deeper Meditation of God’s Word and reading a number of the Puritans’ books. They were very strong on meditation. I have always meditated when I was to teach the Word each week, but now I am taking more time to prayfully take apart word by word a verse of Scripture and asking the Holy Spirit to interpret and apply it to my life. Thank you also for the good Pastors’ messages and the Sunday School lessons.

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