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Walking through Mark 1:29-45

In the first few chapters of Mark, we see a series of questions and answers concerning Jesus’ identity. Interestingly, it is men asking the questions and, at least in part, the demons who answer. (From the Pillar New Testament Commentary by James R Edwards) We see this in the previous story in verse 27 when the men wonder at Jesus’ authority but the demon knew Jesus was “the Holy One of God” with the power to destroy him. In this section, we now see both physical and spiritual aspects of the healing of Jesus. We also see the priority Jesus sets on His time in prayer alone with the Father, a restatement of Jesus concerning His purpose and a group of disciples who continue to misunderstand.


What did Jesus do immediately after He healed the man in the synagogue of the unclean spirit? Why do you think He left? Who did He leave with?

Who was sick? What was wrong with her? How did Jesus know she was sick?

What did Jesus do to heal her? How is this different than the way He healed in verse 25 with the demon? What does this imply about the difference between a fever and an unclean spirit?

What did she do once she was healed?

Who came to Jesus? Why do you think they came at sundown? (Hint: See verse 21 for what day of the week it was.) What did Jesus do for them?

What was special about the way Jesus interacted with the demons? Why do you think Jesus wouldn’t let the demons speak?

When and where did Jesus choose to pray? What does this tell you about the importance of prayer?

Who searched and found Jesus? Why did they think it was ok to interrupt Jesus? How did Jesus respond to being interrupted?

What was Jesus’ focus during this period of His ministry? Why do you think He chose these things at this time to focus on?

In verse 40, how does the leper approach Jesus? What does that tell you about his attitude?

What emotion did Jesus feel and what was the result of that emotion?

Why do you think Jesus touched the leper to heal him? What does this show about Jesus?

What was the tone when Jesus commanded the leper? What did He charge him to do? Why do you think Jesus told him to do this?

What did the leper do? What was the consequence of his disobedience? Has your view of the leper changed from what it was at the beginning of the story? If so, how?


Jesus didn’t pursue people to be healed, they came to Him. Are you coming to Him for things you need? Are you asking Him for the things only He can do?

There is a theme in Mark where Jesus pulls away from crowds but they follow Him anyway. He clearly didn’t get His confidence from the people who followed Him, but by doing the mission of His Father. Where does your confidence come from? Is it sourced in God or yourself, your actions or your ability to lead?

Jesus got up early in the middle of a busy season of ministry to pray in a desolate place. How do you prioritize time in prayer? Where do you usually pray? What can you learn from Jesus and apply to your regular prayer time?

Jesus was interrupted as He was having time early in the morning in a secluded place with His Father by disciples who did not yet understand the importance of this time or His mission. How do you respond to interruptions? Are you patient and kind? Are you a hindrance in someone else’s time with the Lord? Are you the one who interrupts?

Jesus knew His purpose so well that He could clearly state it and He went about doing it. How would you state the purpose of your life? Does what you plan to do today match up with that purpose?

The leper came to Jesus with a humble posture but left with the arrogance of disobedience. What is your posture before Jesus today? Are you humbly submitting to His will or are you defiant and rebelliously living the way you desire?

Jesus felt compassion for the leper and acted on it. Have you felt compassion recently for someone? What have you done to put that feeling into action?

Jesus gave the leper very specific instructions on what to do once he was healed and he did the opposite. Are there seemingly small things that you know God wants you to be obedient in where you have not obeyed? What specific step will you take today to obey in that area?


Ask that God would give you people to invest in spiritually

Pray that God would remind you to talk to Him about everything, including every need you have

Entreat Him for health and strength to serve Him

Ask for motivation and focus to serve God

Request that God heal you from your sin and other things that keep Him from getting glory in your life

Resolve to spend daily time alone with God in prayer and Bible study

Pray that you will not be a hinderance or interruption to others as they seek to walk with God

Request the God would gift you wisdom to see His purpose in what’s happening

Ask for a renewed sense of your purpose on earth as a Christ follower

Pray that God will strengthen you to live out that purpose daily

Entreat the Lord to give you an attitude of submission and humility before Him

Thank the Father for His compassion and pity that moves Him to act on your behalf

Adore God for His wisdom and knowledge of the future

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