Blog, Walking through Mark

Walking through Mark 1:21-28

After calling Simon (also known as Peter), Andrew, James and John to follow Him, Jesus travels to a nearby town and immediately begins doing ministry. His ministry in this one day is so startling that His fame quickly spread through the whole area. Imagine the shock of His new followers with how quickly things were escalating. Before this, Jesus was largely unknown, but now the time of His ministry had come. He would be about His Father’s business until once again His followers would be shocked- this time with His death and resurrection. They had no idea what they just signed up for.


Find a map of Israel in Jesus’ time and locate the places Mark has mentioned so far: the Jordan River where Jesus was baptized, the region of Galilee, the Sea of Galilee where He called His disciples and now Capernaum. Why do you think Jesus began His ministry in this region instead of in Jerusalem?

Where did Jesus go soon after He arrived in Capernaum?

What do you think was so different about the authority that Jesus taught with compared to the other teachers there?

What is an unclean spirit? Why do you think they’re described in that way?

What two names does the demon use to refer to Jesus? What does it show of it’s understanding of who Jesus is? What does each emphasize about Jesus?

When the demon asked if Jesus had come to destroy them, what does that reveal about his understanding of Jesus’ power and authority?

How did Jesus respond to what the demon said? Was what the demon said true? Why do you think Jesus responded this way?

How did the demon respond to Jesus’ command?

What was the response of the people who were standing around watching all this happen?

What was the result as told in verse 28?

Why do you think that Mark included this story in his gospel? What is he trying to show us about Jesus?


Jesus spoke of God and the Scriptures unlike anyone else. How do you speak about the God who saved you and His written Word? Are you excited? Do you speak about it as if it has the authority to change someone’s life? Why or why not?

In the interaction between Jesus and the demon, it’s clear that Jesus has unprecedented power, control and authority. In what area of your life do you need to be reminded that Jesus is in control? How do you need to pray in order to acknowledge that control and rest in it.

Jesus shows His authority over the unclean spirit as we see the demon obey Him. In what area is it hard to submit to God’s authority as communicated in His Word? How can you praise Jesus for having authority? List out 5 areas you’re thankful that He has authority over.

The crowd was amazed by what Jesus did in their presence that day. How amazed are you by Jesus and His works? What works of His can you mediate on to make you more in awe of Him?


Entreat God for a new passion as you share His Word with others

Praise Jesus for becoming a man who was also fully God

Thank God now for His authority, even over the demons

Ask Him to help you rest in the knowledge that He is in control of everything

Ask God to renew your amazement of Him and His work

Entreat the Holy Spirit to remind you often throughout the day of how awe inspiring Jesus is

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