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Prayer from Philippians 3:12-16

Here are some things to pray for from this text:

Verse 12:

  • Thank You that the grace and righteousness of Christ cover my imperfections
  • Reveal to me my hidden sins and the true extent of my sinfulness
  • Show me where I am wrongly comparing myself to others
  • Thank You for pursuing me to make me Your own
  • Help me to press on in my walk with You

Verse 13:

  • Give me a singular focus of knowing You
  • Help me to forget the things of my past, both my failures and successes
  • Give me energy, strength and focus to strain toward what lies ahead

Verse 14-16:

  • Help me press on toward the goal of knowing You despite distractions
  • Thank You for Your generosity in giving us the prize of Yourself
  • Bring me to greater maturity in my faith
  • Reveal to me areas where I am still immature in my thinking and doing
  • Enable me to continue in the maturity You’ve given me
  • Help me to hold true to the gospel and the Bible

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