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Prayer from Philippians 3:1-6

Here are some things to pray from this text.

Verse 1:

  • Thank You for making me a part of Your family
  • Enable me to rejoice in You in all circumstances
  • Convict me when I complain instead of rejoicing
  • Remind me of truths that I need to dwell on
  • Make my heart tender to the reminders You place in my life, even when I’ve heard them before
  • Help me to remind others of truth
  • Show me how to better preach the gospel to myself daily

Verse 2:

  • Give me wisdom and discernment to look out for false teachers
  • Give me wisdom as I choose my teachers, books, counselors, advisors and online activity
  • Protect my family from false teaching

Verses 3-6:

  • Thank You for dying for my salvation so that I don’t have to earn it
  • Enable me to worship by the Spirit and focus on You instead of being distracted
  • Make my only glory and boast be Christ
  • Convict me when I am boasting in myself and putting confidence in my works
  • Thank You for all the talents, gifts and abilities You’ve given me. Let me use them to glorify You and not myself
  • Thank You for my spiritual heritage and the chance to hear the gospel
  • Let Your gospel go out quickly to those who still haven’t heard it yet
  • Give me greater zeal for You
  • Thank You for making me blameless through Christ
  • Reveal where I am trusting my past or present for assurance of salvation

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