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Prayer from Philippians 2:19-30

Here are some things to pray about from the passage in Philippians 2.

Verses 19-24:

  • Help me to submit my future plans to You
  • Enable me to live my life as an encouragement to the body of Christ
  • Make me genuinely concerned about the welfare of others
  • Convict me of where I selfishly seek my own interests
  • Help me to instead seek the interests of Christ
  • Make me more of a humble servant
  • Equip me to be a trusted follower of Jesus

Verses 25-30:

  • Fill me with Your wisdom as I make decisions
  • Thank You for those who labor as my brothers and sisters for Your glory in the world
  • Let me be willing to sacrifice in order to minister to the needs of others
  • Increase my meekness in leadership
  • Make me willing to do whatever task is needed in the body of Christ
  • Have mercy on the sick
  • Bring to my attention ways to rejoice with others
  • Make me a peacemaker who decreases anxiety instead of increasing it
  • Open my eyes to ways I can welcome and honor people who risk their lives to serve You
  • Make me a more joyful giver
  • Thank You for missionaries around the world who are risking their lives so that people can hear and believe the gospel
  • Encourage and protect those missionaries

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