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Prayer from Philippians 2:14-18

Here are some prompts of how to pray through this passage from Mike’s sermon today. I find it most useful to read through the whole Scripture first, then go back and read each verse and the prayer prompts for that verse. I pray these will add freshness and variety to your prayers.

Verse 14:

  • Lord, reveal areas in my heart that are discontent with Your provision
  • Convict me of times that I grumble and dispute this week
  • Turn my grumbling and complaining into praise and thanksgiving

Verse 15:

  • Thank You that You died so that I can be Your child
  • Thank You that You are sanctifying me to be more like Your Son
  • Make me more blameless and innocent in this world
  • Draw our crooked and twisted generation to You to be saved
  • Thank You for Your hope, even as the world is sinful
  • Give me wisdom to discern truth from the deceit and lies of the world
  • Let my light shine brightly for You this week
  • Let any suffering that comes because of my witness be offered as a joyful sacrifice to You

Verse 16-18:

  • Help me to hold fast to Your Word as truth
  • Make my humble of my own work and proud of the work You do in and through me
  • Reveal to me the things I spend time and energy on that are vain
  • Make me generous to invest my life into others for the gospel
  • Give me overflowing joy
  • Teach me to better rejoice with other believers
  • Make me a unifier

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