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Prayer from Philippians 2:12-13

These are from Mike’s sermon a week ago but I still wanted to post them. I hope they are helpful as you meditate on the passage.

Verse 12:

  • Thank You for saving me
  • Continue to reveal and increase the fruit of my salvation
  • Thank You for the love from You and for each other that we share in the body of Christ
  • Help me to love, know and obey Your Word more this week
  • Enable me to work hard for Your glory
  • Keep me faithful and steady in the disciplines that make me more like You
  • Make me more fearful and reverent of You, Holy God

Verse 13:

  • Thank You that You will complete Your work in me
  • Thank You that Your power is what I depend on for growth in Christlikeness
  • Transform my will to make it motivated for Your glory
  • Thank You that You get pleasure from my sanctification

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