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Prayer from Philippians 2:5-11

I’ve been absent on here for a while while our family has transitioned to life in a new place, serving a new body of believers. I’m now posting prayer prompts from a new preacher’s sermons and he’s my favorite. So I will attempt to achieve some kind of posting consistency again relating to Mike’s sermons now as he preaches through Philippians.

Verse 5:

  • Let us as a church have the mind of Christ
  • Renew our minds through Your Word daily
  • Give us correct and solid doctrine and help us to use our minds to glorify You

Verses 6-8:

  • Give me humility of mind
  • Enable me to lay aside the rights that I think I deserve
  • Remind my of my sinfulness and Your undeserved grace
  • Thank You for laying aside Your rights and becoming man
  • Thank You for being an example of humility that I can look to
  • Fill me to serve others with my life and attitudes
  • Grant me humility, strength and conviction so that I obey the Father
  • Thank You that You were obedient to the point of death on the cross
  • Thank You for the salvation You secured for me

Verses 9-11

  • Help me constantly to worship You with my mind
  • Praise You that You are highly exalted and have the name above every name
  • Thank You that one day every knee throughout time will bow before You
  • Praise You that You rule heaven, earth and under the earth
  • Thank You for being Jesus Christ the Lord, the God man who came to save us
  • Please use Your Spirit to draw my lost friend _______ to know You as Savior
  • Let ________ give up his/her rights and bow to You now
  • Work in my life to bring every area into submission to You as Lord
  • Glorify Yourself by bringing more people to know the power of Your salvation around the world
  • Make me a faithful witness of Your salvation to the people I will see today and this week


2 thoughts on “Prayer from Philippians 2:5-11”

  1. As usual very, very good all to God’s Glory. By God’s Grace keep up the good work.

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